Powerelec 2016 set to offer energy solutions to Ghana

The Ghanaian power sector is set to benefit from a team of experts and specialists from Dubai, India and Ghana who have partnered to create an international platform for companies from power generation, electrical and industrial electronics .

Powerelec, the International roadshow on power generation, electrical and Industrial electronics has been scheduled for 1-3 September 2016 at the Ghana International Trade Fair Center.


The event will be used to showcase the potential of Ghana’s power sector and bring together international suppliers from across the world to offer expertise to address challenges in the power sector. The major focus on the three day expo will be on Solar and new energy sources.

The conference is expected to among other things offer lasting solution to mangers of the power sector on ways to address the erratic and unstable power supply that has led to the collapse of many businesses in the country.

A Regional Power Barons Forum will also be held alongside this year’s Powerelec  that will focus on the 6 West African Countries; thus, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Cameron. The conference will be represented by  Power Ministers and directors from the respective countries.

According to organizers, the conference ‘’will offer a forum where about 200 prospective investors will meet and share ideas on setting up businesses and investing in the sub region’’.

The Show has already attracted international companies from Germany, Turkey, India, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Croatia and South Africa.

Partners for Powerelec 2016 include the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Energy Commission, GRIDCO, BUI Power Authority, Indian Independent Power Producers Forum, Indo African Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Indian Solar Society, Indian Transformer Manufactures Association among others.

Source: Powerlec