Songhai Group Signs Deal With Kasapreko

Songhai Group, a corporate development company, has signed a deal with Kasapreko Comany Limited (KCL), the Ghanaian beverage manufacturing company, to roll out a corporate-wide Executive Management Programme.

It is also expected to partner Kasapreko to implement a series of initiatives aimed at accelerating the transformation of the company into a global market leader in its categories.

As part of the deal, Songhai will run a quarterly programme under its Practice School platform (THE) to help improve business execution across Kasapreko.

Kasapreko Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Richard Adjei said, “The initial response from our management has been outstanding. This is transformational for our business and the culture of excellence we want to create. We look forward to a very productive year with Songhai.”

He said Kasapreko will continue to find innovative ways to make its brand great and also make its range of products the most preferred on the continent.

Kwadwo Sarpong, CEO of The Practice School, on his part said, “We are excited to partner Kasapreko, an iconic Ghanaian company, as they embark on a new phase of growth and efficiency.”

He said that as part of the agreement, the Kasapreko management team will have access to executive coaching and The Practice School’s proprietary support platform.

Mr. Sarpong further said “we bring best-in-class management processes from Fortune 50 and work with you to create an advantage for you that drives your profitability. For companies restructuring or turnarounds, we work with you to stabilize operations, restore credibility, protect vital interests and complete successful outcomes.”

He said several firms operating in sectors like banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, media, leisure, hospitality and tourism, among others had benefited from their consultancy and management execution development services.

Established in 1989 by Dr. Kwabena Adjei, KCL currently employs a total of 573 regular and contract workers.

It is currently undertaking an expansion project which will increase its production capacity by almost three times to meet the growing market demand from other African countries and beyond.