Robben Island; the ‘cornerstone of liberation and democracy’

The Senior Manager of Operations at the Robben Island Museum, Nomonde Ndlangisa, has described the famous island as the cornerstone of South African liberation and democracy.

According to her, it was important for Ghanaians and Africans in general to take advantage of Citi FM‘s initiative in order to experience such an important part of Africa’s history.

She added that the history of Robben Island must be shared by the entire continent as other African countries had played a significant role in helping South Africa surmount the challenges it faced during the apartheid regime.

“In South Africa, we see Robben Island as the nucleus of our liberation, where our democracy started, because our leader – we know Nelson Mandela our ex president – was incarcerated at Robben Island for 18 years. For us, it is a very important cornerstone of our liberation and democracy and we encourage other Africans to go and see Robben Island because there is a small bit of everyone there,” she said.

“Every African person had a contribution in the liberation struggle during the apartheid years. All the countries stood up and supported the South African people in the fight so we all own the success and freedom that came with Robben Island and we would like it to be that hope and that symbol of triumph against adversity and injustice.”

Nomonde Ndlangisa believes the island is a symbol of hope for Africans facing any adversity or challenge, one that they can rally around as they persevere through their travails.

“If anybody is going through adversity, look at what happened at Robben Island, look at the resilience that the people in Robben Island showed. They said we are not giving up on our agenda. We don’t give up, we will fight. So fight for your freedom,” she said.

“Fight for whatever adversity or injustice that is against you. You are that symbol of hope, you have to go, every person has to go and ignite that resilience, that fight. Whatever it is that you are fighting against, we don’t know what you are struggling with.”    

About the trip

Africa is home to some of the world’s best tourist sites. The sites come with breathtaking views and stories that enlighten visitors.

One of the major tourism hubs is South Africa (SA). SA has some of the most exciting attractions that come with great stories, breathtaking sights and sounds and amazing people.

Citi FM after successfully organizing the Heritage Caravan in Ghana in March 2016, has announced a special tour of Cape Town, dubbed The Robben Island Experience.

The #RobbenIslandExperience is a seven (7) day trip that will take visitors to the Robben Island (where the late Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years), the Table Bay Mountain, Cape Town City, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and Cape Point.

The trip comes off from the 20th to 27th of September 2016.

Among the exciting packages for participants are Visa Fees, Flight Expense, 4 Star Hotel Accommodation, in land Transportation as well as Breakfast &Dinner.

Meanwhile the major tour sites for the Robben Island Experience are the Robben Island, Table Mountain, Cape Town City, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront as well as Cape Point.

Further details:

  1. The package costs $2600.
  2. It covers visa fees, airfare, 4-star hotel accommodation, inland transportation, breakfast, and dinner.
  3. Participants must be 18+ and must have a valid travel passport.
  4. Participants must register and pay as soon as possible to ensure adequate time for all the necessary arrangement.
  5. Interested participants should call 0248770925 for registration.