Biomedical lab scientists to strike on Aug 22

The Ghana Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists (GABMLS), has served notice of a strike on August 22, after a planned meeting with the Health Ministry saw the absence of sector Minster, Alex Segbefia.

The Minister of Health was expected to be at the meeting according to the association, but he did not show up leading to GABMLS to view his absence as an affront towards them.

The meeting was supposed to address the stalled implementation of the National Health Laboratory policy which the GABMLS has said is crucial to the raising of the quality of laboratory science practice nationwide.

A statement signed by the President of GABMLS, Ignatius Awinibuno, accused the Health Ministry of disregarding their prior threats to strike as empty promises, whilst noting that “the three health laboratory policy documents will not be launched and implemented as expected.”

“The Minister of Health is not interested in improving and strengthening medial laboratory services for better quality health care in the country,” the statement said.

“We therefore call on all our membership across the country to withdraw their services at the various facilities starting from August 22, 2016 until you are otherwise advised,” it added.


GABMLS had in recent times been calling on government to implement the National Health Laboratory policy as a matter of urgency.

The association argued that, this was critical to raise the quality of laboratory science practice to meet international health standards.

It had been accusing the Health Ministry of dragging its feet in the implementation of the policy which was developed through the support of the United States Government in 2013.

The policy is meant to guide laboratory scientists in their operations to achieve quality service delivery and strengthen laboratory research.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/