Standard Bank Holds Africa Business Dialogue

Standard Bank, the parent company of Stanbic Bank, will host an Inter-Africa trade and business dialogue between 3 and 5 October, this year in Accra aimed at connecting commercial banking clients with similar business interests across the continent.

The conference, which focuses on West Africa as a region of opportunities, follows the successful inaugural session held in Kenya in April, this year where Standard Bank hosted clients from Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa and Kenya.

It also gave participants an overview of the East Africa region and assisted them to identify accessible services and business opportunities.

The West Africa Trans-Regional conference will host delegates from Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Cote d’ Ivoire, China, South Africa, as well as clients from southern and eastern Africa.

Dr. Manessah Alagbaoso, Head of Commercial Banking at Standard Bank Rest of Africa said: “When we say Africa is our home and that we drive her growth, it is our responsibility to extend ourselves beyond just banking: we must add value by providing exposure, information and our expertise to our clients to foster an environment that facilitates their growth and success.”

Despite a slump in commodities which have been the backbone of West Africa’s growth for decades, the region offers multiple avenues for investment and is home to three of the 10 fastest growing economies in Africa according to the IMF’s World Economic Outlook 2016.

“African businesses need a partner who understands emerging markets but also has continental banking experience to make progress real,” said Abdul-Hussein Jaleel, Head of Commercial Banking, Stanbic Bank Ghana.

He added: “Standard Bank’s experience shows there is a great deal of opportunity in many sectors and markets, if businesses are encouraged to look beyond the short-term. Positive changes such as government policies to promote commercial businesses, regular and democratic elections, improved literacy rates and education, and the most youthful population in the world have highlighted to us that with the right kind of support, innovation and desire, the growth position promises to be significantly enhanced in the years ahead.”