Magna Terris home-owners unconvinced by assurances

Despite assurances from the Estate Owner that their properties have not been used as collateral and are safe, residents of Magna Terris Estate remain unconvinced.

The resident have said the precedent set by the estate owner makes it difficult to welcome the assurance that no homeowner will lose their property.

The concerned residents in an earlier interview with Citi News, alleged that the estate owner had mortgaged their houses for a loan at Stanbic Bank and were about to lose their properties because the owner had defaulted; an assertion that was denied by the estate owner, Pastor Joseph Kwesi Bonful.

He told Citi News that the loan was rather for a different project and not Magna Terris.

Residents want documented assurance

But the Vice President for the Residents Association at Magna Terris, Francis Agyemang, told Citi News until the assurance from the Estate Owner is documented from the courts, they are still doubtful of the safety of their properties.

“We can’t trust his words; he has on several occasions said one thing and done a different thing so even if he is claiming that the occupied houses are not of the ones under consideration in the court issue, we don’t care. We will still pursue our Notice of Claim in court and then find the truth in that.”


“He says the residents association is not trying to bring his business down; rather they want a conducive and well-managed estate.”

Mr. Agyeman also stated that, they wanted the courts to say that truly these houses are not part of this, “apart from this, I am sorry but anything that is coming from him (Kwesi Bonful) we will not accept it).

By: Lorrencia Nkrumah/