Boss Caught In Livestream Demanding Sex From Worker [VIDEO]


21-year-old Makana Milho from Hawaii was carrying out a 6-day community service order when she began filming a conversation with her supervisor, Harold Villanueva Jr.

Her boss was in the video was apparently asking her to perform a s*x act so she could go home early.

She claims she had been cleaning toilets when Villanueva pinched her bottom.

She said she began streaming their exchange online from her handbag after he drove her to an empty car park and she feared for her safety.

The transgender woman, from Hawaii, can be hear clarifying: “If I don’t do s*xual stuff I’ll have to stay until 1 o clock?

Makana said she began recording when she remembered how a woman live streamed police shooting dead her boyfriend in Minnesota last month.

Harold Villanueva Jr
Harold Villanueva Jr.

The student, who had been cleaning toilets as part of her community service after stealing a handbag, alleges that the harassment started in the bathroom where he ‘slapped and pinched her buttocks’.

It was reportedly when they got back in the truck that she recorded around 30 minutes of their conversation live, during which Villanueva asks for s*xual favours.

He can be heard saying: “If you don’t want a c*ndom, I wouldn’t mind a bl*w  j*b.”.

Manaka replies: “I can ask my friend if they have a condom.

According to her, she made this comment because she was in an unfamiliar area and hoped he would drive her to a safer place, the Daily Beast reported.

He is also said to tell her: “You can go home pretty soon. If not, I’m going to have to keep you at least till 1 o’clock.

The video, which was recorded on July 22, earned over 197,000 views before Makana decided to remove it.

She tagged police in the video who later arrested the 47-year-old and charged him with fourth-degree s*xual assault.




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