Sports Ministry seeks sponsorship for Ghana Premier League

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has confirmed that it is actively seeking sponsors for the Ghana Premier League.

The league has been without a headline sponsor following the decision of Capital Bank to terminate its contract with the Ghana Football Association after 2 years.

A number of clubs have threatened to pull out of the league as they are over burdened with the cost of operation.

The Ghana Football Association is the body mandated to seek sponsorship for the Ghanaian top flight league but have been unable to achieve any success in their endeavors.

The league however, has ten more match days before it wraps up for the season.

The Ministry’s spokesperson Otor Plahar confirmed that initial talks have been held with a number of corporate bodies.

“As things stand now no deal has been reached with any organisation but the Ministry is making moves in that direction.

“We have spoken to a number of corporate bodies who can come on board to help the Ghana League.

“It has been the vision of the Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye to help grow football through the league and also help the lesser funded sports,” he told Citi Sports on Thursday.

By:Benjamin Nketsia/