Doing music and practicing medicine not easy – Knii Lante

It’s not abnormal to find people having more than one job. In fact, in the world today, that is one of the ways that one can survive.

However, it is not always that you will find an individual taking on two full time jobs at the same time: you can’t serve two masters.

Ghanaian musician, Knii Lante who is also known as Nii Okunka Blankson, is doing exactly that. He is not just a singer; Knii Lante is also a medical doctor.

On Saturday [July 15, 2016] the singer appeared on Citi FM’s Saturday Live which is hosted by Kojo Akoto Boateng.

Knii revealed that he still practices medicine and that it is not an easy thing to combine that with his musical career.

“I still practice medicine but it isn’t easy combining it with music. There are shows to attend all the time,” he said.

He even cited a time when he was supposed to perform at a concert but was called back to the hospital because of an emergency.


“About four or five years ago, I was supposed to perform at the Conference Center when I was called that there was an emergency and that I had to do a surgery. So I rushed to do it. When I was returning, it was almost time for the performance and my manager kept calling to ask where I was. I couldn’t change so I just performed like that.”



He appeared on the show with some members of his band and they thrilled listeners with some great tunes, with Ras Bomba performing ‘Danquah Circle’ and his backup singer, Xali, also performing her track, ‘Sunshine.’


By: Jeffrey Owuraku Sarpong/