African utility providers urged to take revenue collection seriously

The Deputy Minister of Power, John Jinapor, has asked utility providers to be more critical with their revenue collection as that will help them meet the power demands of consumers.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the annual conference of the Association of Power Utilities of Africa (APUA) in Accra, Mr. Jinapor cautioned that relenting in the mandate of revenue collection could be detrimental to the energy sector as a whole.

According to him, “If you don’t collect the revenues to pay the power generators and have backward integration, what it means is that eventually, the system cannot hold and the entire sector will come crumbling.”

He noted further that “it is quite obvious that government alone cannot provide the energy needs of this continent so all of us have been going through some reforms to ensure that we open up our various economies to bring in the private sector.”

Mr. Jinapor also admonished the 152 representatives at the conference from all over Africa to “go through the necessary due diligence in procuring new systems.”

“We have had situations where we procure very good, state-of-the-art technologies but the simply do not fit into our local environment. There will be no benefit if we deplore a state of the art meter in an environment where the people cannot simply use that,” he explained.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/