10 Sweet words every partner loves to hear

It’s easy to take many things for granted in 2016 now that we have so much advanced technology which has made communication easier and more efficient than ever. And one of the things we take for granted, perhaps too much, are sweet nothings whispered in our lovers’ ear.

Sweet nothings and love letters almost seem outdated in a world where we can text our partner that we love them, or send them a quick message on Facebook to let them know we miss them. But this sort of instant messaging has watered down any meaning, and it’s stopping us from really getting creative with what we say.

While “I love you” is certainly a powerful phrase, its meaning can easily get lost if you say it too often. The next time you’re in the mood, why not open yourself up a bit more by trying these 10 sweet words that every partner loves to hear instead?

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you. I don’t even want to think about it.”

A healthy relationship is based on a few things, such as trust and honesty. It’s also based on open communication. As soon as you feel something strongly, rather than keep it to yourself you should tell your partner.

If your relationship has now reached the stage where you can’t imagine what your life would be like without him, you shouldn’t feel silly for feeling this way. Instead, you should open up your heart to your partner and let him know.

Upon hearing these words, he won’t be able to stop smiling. And the best thing? He’ll reciprocate.

“I feel really safe and protected when you’re with me.”

You man wants to be your protector. He wants to be the one who keeps you safe when you’re feeling vulnerable, and who you turn to when you’re distressed or feeling anxious. He wants to be there for you.

The thing is, he won’t know that he’s your protector unless you let him know. Especially if you were hurt in a past relationship (and have told your new man all about it), he’ll be working hard to make you feel safe. And it’ll make him feel fab if you let him know just what a good job he’s doing.

“You understand me better than anyone. I feel like I can talk to you about anything.”

When men are getting to know women, they want the girl to open up and be honest with them. They want us to trust them enough so as to be able to tell them anything.

And it really is about trust. Once you trust a man enough, you’re ready to open up your heart and talk to him about anything and everything.

Telling your man that you can do this will strengthen the bonds between the two of you. He’ll know you can trust him, and it will break down any remaining barriers.

“You’re the type of man every girl dreams of having.”

Naturally, you don’t want him feeling too confident to the point where he genuinely starts to believe that he could have any girl he wants and therefore decides to try his luck.

But it’s important that you pay him strong compliments now and then that make him feel amazing. This kind of compliment will give your man lots of confidence, which will improve your relationship.

“I’m proud of you.”

It’s easy to think that men are so self-confident that they don’t need us to tell them what a good job they did. After all, we don’t want to keep feeding their ego’s, right?

Guys, however, are just as vulnerable as we are, and they have just as many self-doubts as we do. Pleasing their boss with good work is one thing, but the person they really want to impress is you. So the next time they do something productive and meaningful, let them know how proud you are.

“You’re handsome and smart.”

Guys need to hear from their girlfriend’s that they’re attractive. It helps with their esteem, and makes them feel a lot better in their own skin. And for a relationship to thrive, a man needs to know that you continue to find him desirable.

But guys know that looks aren’t everything, and they know that girls love substance, too. So let him know that he’s both handsome and smart. Tell him you like the way he looks, but that you love the way his mind works, too.

“You always know how to cheer me up.”

A relationship can’t be serious all the time. There has to be laughter and smiles. A healthy relationship is one that survives both the ups and the downs.

It’s one thing for him to be there for you during the ups, but he has to be there for you during the downs.

Sometimes, a man can feel a bit powerless when you’re feeling down. If he can’t wave his magic wand to get you to cheer up, it makes him feel useless.

It also makes him wonder if there is someone else who could cheer you up.

Letting your man know that he always knows how to cheer you up is one of the sweetest things you can say to him. You depend on him whenever you feel down.

“I’m sorry.”

Two words.

Two simple words.

But how often do you say them, even when you know you really should?

Any relationship hits turbulence now and then, and it’s important that you tell your partner you’re sorry for something you’ve down which has upset him. It lets him know that you love him, respect him and that you still care for this relationship.

“I enjoy your company more than anyone else’s.”

When you first start dating a man, the feelings can be intoxicating. There is excitement in the air, and butterflies in your stomach.

At this point, though, you don’t enjoy his company more than anyone else’s. You’re just getting to know him.

But once your relationship reaches its serious stage after a few months, your partner should ideally be the one person whose company you enjoy above all else’s. And letting him know that you’ve grown to love him so much is an amazing feel-good thing to say to him.

“You still take my breath away.”

Does your partner still have the power to make you feel breathless? Then let him now!

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