DKB spices Golden movie awards with great humor as host

Last Saturday night was a night to award hardworking movie makers in the country; it was the Golden Movie Awards 2016.

The event is one of the biggest award shows in the country, and in order to not make the ceremony boring, Ghana’s King of Comedy, DKB, was made the co-host alongside Ghana’s Queen of Prime time Anita Erskine.

DKB started off with a monologue giving similarities and differences between Nigeria and Ghana in terms of political, social and economic views, which cracked up the entire auditorium. He further went on to compare Ghanaian and Nigerian Actors and their cliché roles.

Further on, DKB came down to interact with the audience and threw into laughter frenzy.

He made the world know that GhComedy is here to stay and when given the chance, he will deliver to his fullest capacity.

Touching base with DKB, he elaborated that his performance on the night was just an “appetizer” for people to know what to expect at his one man comedy show come next week Saturday July 9th, at the national theatre dubbed POINT OF VIEW.

Tickets are selling fast for just GHc 60 but available via Tigocash for GHc 50 and for free delivery to your doorstep call 0571-241-341.

Source: DKB Ghana