KNUST to organise end of year art exhibition in Accra

Project Space for Contemporary Art, at the Department of Painting and Sculpture, KNUST, presents “Cornfields in Accra”, the 2016 end-of-year art exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology in Accra.

“Cornfields in Accra” borrows its title from Ghanaian writer Ama Ata Aidoo’s eponymous poem.

“Cornfields” is a sequel to “The Gown must go to Town” exhibition of last year.

It showcases work by a choice selection of artists from the 2016 graduating class, as well as guest artists comprising alumni, teaching assistants and collaborating exhibitors from the engineering and life sciences departments of the University.

The works span contemporary art and allied practices which anticipate emergent formats, ideas and configurations of emancipated futures.

The artists are not only concerned with human life but also contemplate other possibilities where animals, plants, machines, quanta and micro-organisms become potential platforms and media for reflection, engagement and interaction.

This exhibition also honours the memory of Goddy Leye (1965-2011), a Cameroonian conceptual artist whose interventionist practice was very influential for the development of video/media, art film, installation and community-oriented work.

Blaxtarlines affirms Leye’s pioneering and selfless commitment to the nurturing of critical artistic discourse within contemporary art practice of Africa.

The diversity in “Cornfields in Accra”, demonstrates the ethos with which Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology was founded: the cross-fertilisation of Art, Science, Technology and cognate fields.

In a similar spirit of experimentation and collaboration, blaxTARLINES KUMASI is also working closely with the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (GMMB) and the Museum of Science and Technology (MST) to stage this exhibition.

Relevant exhibits of the MST will interact with the objects, situations and processes that the artists from KNUST will introduce into the museum site and community.

Source: Blaxtarlines