De Gea denies forced sex party claim

Spain and Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has denied a claim he organised a sex party with prostitutes for teammates in which a woman was made to take part against her will.

“It’s all false,” de Gea told reporters.

The claims are contained in court papers in a trial against a pornography baron seen by a Spanish newspaper.

A witness said the pornographer forced her and another girl into sex with two Under-21 internationals in 2012.

There is no suggestion de Gea was aware that the encounter in a Madrid hotel was non-consensual.

The claims are part of a continuing case against pornographer Ignacio Allende Fernández, known as Torbe, who is accused of being the head of a prostitution network that abused Spanish and foreign women, some of them underage.

Torbe was jailed in April for separate offences including sex attacks, sexual exploitation and child pornography.

The protected witness, who was forced into the prostitution ring, said she was taken to a Madrid hotel and introduced to another girl and two footballers, court papers seen by El Diario newspaper state.

Once in a room with the other girl, the witness – known in police interview papers as TP3 – was told by Torbe that she had to comply with the sexual demands of the two Under-21 internationals.

When she said she did not wish to take part, Torbe “grabbed her forcefully by the arm”, the court papers said.

The witness said she had told Torbe in front of the footballers that she did not want to take part in the sexual encounter, El Diario said.

Meanwhile, the players said they did not want any recordings of the encounter to be made in case their playing careers were affected, the newspaper reported.

The witness said the encounter had been arranged by de Gea, the police report says.

Source: BBC