Accra Metro NASPA to hold Job & Edu fair for service personnel

As part of efforts to equip service personnel with the right tools and knowledge on securing and creating jobs amidst the rising unemployment levels, the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA), and the Accra Metro National Service Secretariat, has scheduled a Job and educational fair for Thursday May 26.

Dubbed ‘Accra Metro NASPA Job and Edu fair 2016’, the project seeks to prepare service personnel adequately for the market as they complete the year-long service to the country.

It comes off at the GNAT hall in Accra, and it’s open to all National Service personnel and the general public at no cost.

Staggering unemployment figures

The World Bank in a recent report on jobs in Ghana indicated that 48% of Ghana’s youth between the ages of 15-24 are unemployed. Dubbed the “Landscape of Jobs in Ghana”, the report concluded that “In Ghana, youth are less likely than adults to be working”.

The Ghana Living Standards Survey for the year 2012/2013 estimated that 250,000 young men and women entered the Ghanaian labour market every year with only 2% absorbed in the formal sector whilst the 98% seek employment in the informal sector or remain unemployed.

The statistics only go to confirm the frightening youth unemployment challenge our country is battling today.

Various stakeholders of development have raised red flags the youth unemployment challenge and government has pointed to the situation as a serious threat to national security.

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert P. Jackson at the West African Regional Conference of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders bemoaned the youth unemployment situation in Ghana and urged government to find lasting remedy to the problem as soon as possible.

In proffering solutions to the unemployment problem, Ambassador Jackson cited small enterprises founded by the youth and the presence of more self-financed NGOs as two concrete ways of addressing the canker.

Equally, there have been a plethora of schemes and systems from government and its development partners over the years towards arresting this problem. It is however glaring that a concerted effort by all stakeholders is required in nipping this problem in the bud.

The National Service Personnel Association says these harsh realities motivated the special project.

According to them, the unemployment problem remains a major headache for the average national service personnel, who are left in a dilemma after their service to the country.

About the Fair

The fair will assemble HR officers from various institutions to spell out in black and white what they expect from fresh graduates who apply for Jobs.

They will equip personnel with CV writing, interview and aptitude test skills which are very key elements of the highly competitive job market.

Resource persons from youth development and educational organizations will also take personnel through various scholarship opportunities available for further studies home or abroad and how personnel can successfully access these opportunities.


Interactions at the fair will be led by Mr. Seth Agyei Baah, CEO of the SHAABA Group of Companies and President of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce.

Renowned life coach, Rev Patrick Otieku Darko and the likes of Alistair Djimatey of Blue Skies, Enoch Acheampong, and CEO of ILEAD Center will also impart personnel with practical skills and experience needed for the delicate period after National service.

The fair will run on the theme: ‘Positioning the National Service Personnel for the Competitive Job World’.

For personnel who would try entrepreneurship after service, the fair will begin a relationship with accomplished entrepreneurs who help them face their dreams head on.

On the spot job opportunities will also be provided by a number of agencies at fair. Goldlife insurance will be recruiting fresh graduates at the fair.

The fair will begin a nationwide job recruitment fair which will be held in all the 10 regions of Ghana. In the future, organisers hope to institute an annual job fair which will be the largest job platform for fresh graduates.