Ex Namibian President slams recurrence of coups in Africa

Namibia’s immediate former President, H.E Hifikepunye Lucas, has declared zero tolerance for the re-emergence of Coup D’états in Africa.

He has therefore tasked the current crop of African leaders to team up and resist the rejuvenation of Coup D’état in any part of the continent.

He further entreated Africans to remain steadfast and zealously defend the multi party democracy they have adopted in their quest to transform their respective countries.


As a Guest speaker, he was addressing the 4th edition of the Africa Leadership Lectures initiated by the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Ghana.

The theme for this year’s three-day lecture is “Genesis and trajectory of contemporary Africa leadership”.

Inspirational Africa leadership

His Excellency Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba maintained that incumbent African leaders have no choice than to say no to Coup makers.


According to him, democracy and its attendant characteristics must be promoted rather than allow self-seeking individuals to topple democratically elected governments.

“All African countries must be democratically governed. Say no to unconstitutional change of government: freedom of expression and freedom of assembly must be promoted.”

H.E Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba called for an end to arbitrary arrest and detention of political opponents.

“Africa needs peaceful transfer of power and governing parties must accept electoral defeat and exit peacefully. Guard against reversal of democratic gains because it is not in the interest of the new Africa,” he stressed.

H.E Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba lauded the policy of national reconciliation and touted it as the panacea to Africa’s progress.


African Integration
“African regional and economic integration is slow but certainly achievable,” H.E Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba stated.

He thereby tasked Africa’s generational leaders to build on the foundation laid by the torchbearers of Pan Africanism.

“Generational leaders must build on the foundation laid by the torchbearers of Pan Africanism by finding African solutions to deep-seated problems in Africa.”

As a proud winner of the 2015 Mo Ibrahim award for African leadership, the former Namibia President said, “African leaders have the responsibility of entrenching peace and stability after the colonial dictatorship. The new generation of African leaders must work towards achieving a more integrated Africa.

H.E Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba emphasized, “Equal Rights and Justice are the panacea to Africa’s total liberation.”

He advocated an end to gender-based violence saying, “Africa cannot achieve full integration if women who form the majority in society are not given equal participation in the development processes.”

The former Namibia President urged Africans to resist the temptation of racism, xenophobism and terrorism.

He recommended the strengthening of inter-African trade and the judicious use of natural resources to address the myriad challenges the continent is confronted with.


H.E Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba called for the building of regional value chains to improve energy generation, transportation, education and industry.

He kicked against Africa’s trademark as the exporter of raw materials and challenged Africans to patronize quality made in Africa goods widely marketed in African markets.

He impressed upon African leaders to show enough commitment in addressing impunity and combating corruption in the context of the African integration agenda.

By: Abdul Karim Naatogmah/Citifmonline.c.om/Ghana