See how your favourite action movie stars look like now [Photos]

Have you ever wondered how your favourite action movie star looks like now? Of course I am referring to the folks who paid their dues in the 90s.

The kids of today still have their Jason Stathams, Matt Damons, Ben Afflecks and Brad Pitts looking as fit as ever; but for those who grew on the testosterone fueled action films of the 80s and 90s, will come to find that most our favorite ‘blowmen’ couldn’t conquer the one ‘killer’ – father time.

Jean Claude Van Damme


Known worldwide as ‘The Muscles from Brussels’ or as we called him in Ghana, ‘I-Trust-My-legs’, Van Damme was known for his flawless splits and spinning kicks. Now aged 55, Van Damme starred in iconic action films like Blood Sport, Kick Boxer and Universal Soldiers which helped popularize the conceit of ‘last killers’.

Bolo Leung


When you think Van Damme, its hard not to think of Bolo Leung, the ultimate bad guy and Van Damme’s nemesis in 1988’s Bloodsport. He also starred in Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon as a bad guy of course.

Sylvester Stallone


The now 69 year old Sylvester Stallone, shot to prominence following his critical turn in Rocky; but one could argue he became a household name during the 80s; when he devoted himself to the action genre and etched himself in the hearts of action fans for his role in the Rambo franchise.

Dolph Lundgren

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58 year-old Lundgren’s break out role came opposite Sly Stallone in Rocky IV. From there he built a name for himself by starring in films like The Punisher, Universal Soldier opposite Van Damme and Show Down in Little Tokyo. In Ghana, kids at the time referred to him as Red Scorpion.

Mr. T


Easily recognizable for his Mohawk and assortment of gold chains, Mr T, 63,  paid his dues on the WWE circuit but he is most recognizable to Ghanaians for his role as B. A. Baracus in the A-Team.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


A former Mr. Universe, Schwarzenegger will forever be known to us as ‘Commando’. His mammoth biceps got action fans cheering action classics like Commando and the Terminator franchise. Directors always looked for an excuse to have his shirt miraculously tear just so Arnie could flex those bulging muscles.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/