TEDxAccra speaker profile – Apiorkor Seyiram Ashong

Apiorkor Seyiram Ashong is a Ghanaian-American Poet and Versatile Creative personality. Her work is noted for its rare narrative, prosaic nature, which is uncommon in poetry. She has also been commended for her vivid imagery.

Living in Ghana, where oral literary traditions are intricately intertwined with deep culture and history, she performs within West Africa’s most sophisticated spaces. Her performances are varied, animated; you can expect to see Apiorkor inject life into her poems, with classical and afro-pop music forms, contemporary dance and alternative Art.

Apiorkor causes quite a stir, because the poetess chooses to read/recite her pieces on stage, rather than delivering them off memory.

When she’s not creating literary orgasms, Apiorkor is most likely producing the Traffic Avenue and Sista-Sista (both with the award-winning Jessica Opare-Saforo) on Citi 97.3 FM. She might also be mentoring young Ghanaians, focusing on anything from Literature, to love and relationships, to career guidance.

Why you should  listen

I am a mongrel; a mixed breed of Ga, Ewe, Akuapem, English, Middle-Eastern and American cultures; therefore I am a Third Culture Kid. My socio-cultural experiences are interesting and might appear to be unique; but the truth is that there are several other Ghanaians who are secret sharers of my life. Many such Ghanaians lack access to platforms that would allow them to tell their collective story, so that their society can #Rethink all of the things that affect them. I am an artist. I possess a mastery over words. They are like me. And my voice represents their voices.

 Quote from Apiokor

X remains a stranger to love and love a stranger to X, until X discovers love with another; poetry’s like love. So you can only truly solve the mystery of poetry, when you begin to live within the love-language of the poet… but be warned; it’s a dark place.”

About TEDxAccra

TEDxAccra is annual event, where thinkers and doers of our community are gathered to create and share ideas. This year’s TEDx will come off from April 19 to 23, 2016.

The event seeks to develop and leverage the TED experience at a community level, bring together innovative thinkers to connect and discuss great ideas.

At TEDxAccra, participants will take part in a TED-like experience that will ultimately equip and inspire them into boundless possibilities.

The concept is to reflect ideas and inspire thinking of a new generation of African thinkers and leaders, presenting to an audience committed to engaging and reengaging in an active and meaningful manner with the continent.

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