TEDxAccra speaker profile – Jide Otoki

My imagination is my greatest asset and not afraid of the unknown. I grew up in a place where you had to fight for everything you had, because there are 160 million other people waiting to snatch the opportunity from you, if you didn’t use it wisely.

I spent my undergraduate days as a student activist. After I graduated, I worked for close to 4 years for a man, who sacked all his staff in a day.

With over ten (10) years of experience in Marketing Communications and International expansion, I’ve overseen the strategic direction of Jobberman Ghana since 2012. I’ve been involved with quite a lot of internet projects since 2006, some failed, actually, most failed. But, the success story is a culmination of a lot of learnings. When I’m not busying myself with my job at Jobberman, I enjoy contributing to my quota towards areas akin to personal and career development.

By 2022, I want to be in a position to directly influence public policy formulation and implementation for the benefit of the majority. Above all, I will never be satisfied with the ordinary. At all times, I seek to stay above the obvious.

Why you should listen

Africa needs more people to help drive the passion and focus of its millions of bright minds and great capacity lying fallow in the doldrums. Not everybody is a self-starter, some just need a little push, while others need to be thrown off the cliff. Some of us have to do whatever it takes to get others rolling and gradually, we will build up the steam we need to get Africa working and eventually, great again.

My life is a story – the story of how you can start something from nothing. It is the story of a young man who came to Ghana in 2012, to start the company we now know as Jobberman Ghana.

All I had with me was a backpack containing my belongings and a heart full of determination to make a difference. The rest they say is history. With the little bequeathed to me, I’ve created Ghana’s No.1 recruitment solutions company.

If you need motivation to start small and grow your dream into a big venture, I represent an example you can learn from.

Quote from Jide

“Ruthless Prioritization.”

About TEDxAccra

TEDxAccra is annual event, where thinkers and doers of our community are gathered to create and share ideas. This year’s TEDx will come off from April 19 to 23, 2016.

The event seeks to develop and leverage the TED experience at a community level, bring together innovative thinkers to connect and discuss great ideas. At TEDxAccra, participants will take part in a TED-like experience that will ultimately equip and inspire them into boundless possibilities.

The concept is to reflect ideas and inspire thinking of a new generation of African thinkers and leaders, presenting to an audience committed to engaging and reengaging in an active and meaningful manner with the continent.

Source: TEDxAccra