AII urges Africa to build strong partnership with Israel

Africa-Israel Initiative (AII), an advocacy movement for the survival of the nation of Israel, has challenged African governments to align themselves with the nation of Israel in order to benefit from Israel’s technology and industry. According to them, Israel has so much potential that Africa can tap into if it establishes a strong partnership with Israel.

“Africa stands to benefit so much from the nation of Israel, so small in size but controlling so much wealth in the world, and so technologically advanced that they have become a force to be reckoned with. We want to learn from them, we want to know what makes them succeed so much. We want to know how we can tap from that technology”.

Speaking ahead the opening of its 2016 conference Wednesday, Country Director of the AII, Rev. Perry Gilbert Apreala said the time has come for Africa to engage them in a beneficial way”.

Rev. Apreala condemned the attitude of African governments where they allow the west to determine for them who their allies should be. He said it was unfortunate that most African countries were allowing their donor nations to determine for Africa which nations to align with.

“Government should not sell our collective conscience to nations of the world. The enemies of our friends must not also be our enemies and the friends of our friends must not also be our friends”.

He also condemned African governments which vote against Israel in crucial votes at the United Nations. The Country Director thus called on Africa to rise up and support the survival of Israel.

“We want Africans everywhere to stand up and support Israel and her ethic of life, to bring about global peace, and to bring about technology transfer”.

Africa-Israel Initiative is a global Advocacy movement to canvass support for the state of Israel. It was launched in Ghana in May 2014, and has since actively joined the world-wide lobby for the survival of Israel.

They are engaged with the youth to draw attention to the hostilities targeted at Israel. They also engage governments of Africa to help secure and sustain votes for Israel at the United Nations level.

By: Sixtus Dong Ullo / /Ghana
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