Alikoto clothing launches the Funkified Collection

Alikoto Clothing is proud to announce the release of its new collection: The Funkified Collection.

Since its inception, Alikoto Clothing has created unique designs year after year, and has birthed modern designs infused with traditional elements.

This collection is inspired by Generation Y: their zeal, their love for self, their sheer creativity and can do spirit. From the Fra bowtie; a bowtie that encourages you to keep trying until you get the perfect mixture for success, to the Defiance bowtie; one that refuses to be boxed into one trait, to the Kaafe buulu bowtie; inspired by all the young entrepreneurs in Accra and beyond, working hard and smart to achieve greatness. “Accra we dey, make you no slack”. The Funkified Collection is an excellent collection by all standards.

You can view the entire collection at


For more enquiries, send an email to [email protected] or call +233503187518