TEDxAccra speaker profile – Ama Asantewa Diaka

Once a networking and systems administrator, now a writer, spoken word artist, content creator & a designer. Legitimate love-child of creativity and flair, creative director of Yobbings & Alikoto Clothing and programs director of Love Rocks Organization.

Words live inside of me. I cough them out and spank them into shape. I am an ounce of perfection and a pound of try again. A poet who usually addresses politics, feminity, societal issues, relationships etc with her poems and several others.

Why you should listen

Because on the quest to becoming great, by trying and failing and trying again and again, I have, and I still am, discovering a wealth of information.

Quote from Ama

“You don’t need a multitude backing you or a hefty purse to start anything, all you need is the passion to take a first step. Broke or singled out? Start anyway.”

About TEDxAccra

TEDxAccra is annual event, where thinkers and doers of our community are gathered to create and share ideas.

This year’s TEDx will come off from April 19 to 23, 2016. The event seeks to develop and leverage the TED experience at a community level, bring together innovative thinkers to connect and discuss great ideas.

At TEDxAccra, participants will take part in a TED-like experience that will ultimately equip and inspire them into boundless possibilities.

The concept is to reflect ideas and inspire thinking of a new generation of African thinkers and leaders, presenting to an audience committed to engaging and reengaging in an active and meaningful manner with the continent.

Source: TEDxAccra