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Woman Sues City After Toilet Explosion Left Her ‘Literally Covered In Feces’



A Baltimore woman suing city officials and contractors alleges she was injured physically and emotionally when her toilet exploded in a geyser of feces. Angela Wright’s lawsuit alleges she was sitting on the toilet in her Baltimore home in November 2014 when she was blown off of her toilet by an explosive backup of sewage. “I was literally covered in feces. Are you kidding me who wants that?” Wright told WBFF-TV.

Wright alleges the backup was caused by contractor Spinello using high-pressure hoses to clean out the sewer lines in her neighborhood. “The Spinello men came in here,” Wright told WBFF-TV in 2014. “Once they stopped the machines and I showed them I was covered in feces and they were blown away.”

Louis Glick, Wright’s lawyer, said his client suffered physical and emotional injuries from the incident. “She was blown off that toilet that day,” Glick said. “She had to clean it up herself,” he added. “Can you imagine doing that?” He estimated the damage to the bathroom, which has yet to be repaired, at $14,000. Glick said Wright’s toilet backed up in a similar incident in August 2014, but no one was sitting on the toilet on that occasion. “I would probably seek $250,000 if we go in front of a jury to compensate her properly for the enormous blows to her psyche and physical self,” Glick said.

The lawsuit names Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Baltimore City Council, Spinello and a second contracting company, Heitkamp. A woman who used a toilet at the General Services Administration regional office building in Washington, D.C., was hospitalized in 2011 with non-life-threatening injuries sustained when the commode exploded. Officials blamed the toilet explosion on “high air pressure” and posted memos warning employees not to flush toilets in the building until the problem was corrected.


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