Yvonne Nelson reunites with Dumelo [Video]

Old friends they say are the best –That’s perhaps the apt description for two friends of old who were separated by divergent views over Ghana’s power crisis christened (Dumsor).

John Dumelo, one of Ghana’s renowned actors and Yvonne Nelson, another screen goddess whose career may have taken a nosedive in recent times, were the best of friends on and off the screens.

They have been seen together in romantic movies sharing the closest moments until last year, when Yvonne Nelson, decided to lead a campaign against dumsor to get Ghanaian authorities to fix the problem.

In the process, Yvonne got the support of many Ghanaians in and outside the showbiz industry. She however did not get the support of her friend and actor John Dumelo, who has on numerous occasions, asserted his support for President Mahama and even campaigned for him in the 2012 elections.

Yvonne, who perhaps found it difficult to accept Dumelo’s posture about her campaign, said he felt stabbed in the back, and went on to describe him as an ‘ass kisser’, suggesting that he was in bed with the incumbent administration.

Without Dumelo and others in the entertainment industry, Yvonne managed to pull off a successful campaign dubbed DumsorMustStop Vigil, which was attended by thousands of concerned Ghanaians.

The two, who have since stayed at a distance from each other, have in a new video shared on social media platform Instagram, announced their reunion.

In the fifteen seconds video, an elated John Dumelo sarcastically said, “It’s unfortunate that we’re together… but we have to”. Yvonne looked at him funnily when he made the comment.

Pappy Kojo shows up again

Surprisingly in that video, rapper Pappy Kojo, who says Yvonne Nelson is now his best friend, was found in there, and was introduced by Yvonne.

Watch the video below

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