Water Shortage Hits Volta


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Keta in the Volta Region, Richard Quashigah, has expressed angst with his own (NDC) government for neglecting his people in the Keta constituency – one of the party’s strongholds – when it comes to the provision of potable water.

The MP’s sentiment followed the briefing of Members of Parliament yesterday by the Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing, Kwaku Agyemang-Mensah, regarding the water crisis in the country,

especially in the Nsawam/Adoagyiri municipality of the Eastern Region and the Winneba township in the Central Region.

Mr Quashigah said he had filed several questions in parliament about the acute water problem in his constituency and how residents of Anyako, Konu and Seva Kedzi could have potable water to drink; and assurances had been given to him by the deputy Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing, Sampson Ahi, that before a long term solution is provided, Ghana Water Company will be supplying the residents with water through water tankers, but since the assurance was given last year nothing had been done.

“Mr speaker, I have personally followed up to the ministry and another assurance was given to me but still no tanker is supplying water to my people who are in need of potable water,” he said on the floor.


He said the truth may be bitter but his people have not been treated fairly by the government, adding that probably the government had forgotten about his people.

“Mr speaker, I listened to the minister who gave an overview of all water projects being undertaken in the country and the towns which are in dire need of potable water, but the minister never mentioned the Keta constituency,” he argued, saying that if his people did not matter, the government must tell them.

In the course of the Keta MP’s outbursts on the floor of the House, Mr Samson Ahi got up and told the MP not to attack him or the ministry on the floor, saying that if he (Quashigah) had any problem, he should personally come to the ministry for it to be sorted out; but Mr Quashigah said that that was the only platform he could use to pour out his frustration after all the official and normal channels had been exhausted without success.

The Keta MP said that it was unfortunate that the Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing did not talk about the Sogakope Water Project, which was to be funded by the Agricultural Development Bank to eventually supply potable water to residents in the Keta, Ketu North and Ketu South constituencies.


By Thomas Fosu Jnr