#SONA2016: Fenced, locked and abandoned: status of Salaga district hospital

Salaga district hospital

Speaking on the broad topic of health, President John Mahama Thursday said the healthcare system in the country has improved “tremendously”.

As social democrats, he said his government believes “a healthy people make a wealthy nation”.

To this end, President Mahama listed many ongoing healthcare projects in all ten regions of the country, as well as his social intervention programs which he said, are transforming the lives of many Ghanaians.

President Mahama said works on “the 250-bed regional hospital in Kumawu, the 60-bed district hospital in Salaga, 60-bed district hospital in Tepa…” are progressing.

However, Joy News checks at the construction site of the said 60-bed district hospital for Salaga contradicts the President’s claim.

Joy News Hashmin Mohammed explained that the site, a size of a football pitch, is bare. He said there are heaps of gravel on the field. There was no worker on site and no evidence that work was going on.

Although the project has been raised to a certain level, works have been abandoned due to some litigations, he reported.


Residents of Salaga who spoke to Joy News said the President was not supposed to have mentioned the 60-bed district hospital project.

Salaga district hospital2

“Clearly from his submission, you realize that he is not abreast with the latest happenings,” remarked one resident.

Investigations reveal two contractors are in court fighting each other over who was to execute to the contract.

Consequently, this has caused the court to place an injunction on construction and the site has been under lock and key for close to a month.

Residents have advised President Mahama to cross check his facts before making a pronouncement on them.