5 Assemblymen Charged Over Unpaid Toilet Fees

A newly built public toilet in Kumasi, Ghana, pictured on January 24, 2011, helps contribute to a higher level of cleanliness and sanitation in the area. Most public toilets, like this one, are built by private businesses and charge a small fee.

Five assembly members of the Shama District Assembly (SDA) have appeared before the Shama magistrate’s court for failing to pay the revenue collected from franchise (toilet) services for the assembly.

However, soon after the five were served with the summons letters, they rushed to pay a total of GH¢580.00, the prosecuting Environmental Officer of the assembly, Francis Tetteh Adettah, stated. However, their pleas were not taken.

Mr Adettah said the public toilets in the Shama District are being managed by assembly members who are mandated to pay monthly fees to the assembly; but they had failed to do so since 2012.

As a result, Mr Adettah said from 2012 to 2015 the accrued revenue was GH¢9,385.00, from a monthly fee of between GH¢12.00 and GH¢15.00, depending on the facility.

The Environmental Officer said more of the defaulters would soon be summoned before court to serve as deterrent to others.

A visit to the toilet facility attracts a fee of 20 pesewas, he disclosed.

The presiding magistrate, Erasmus Narh Addo, ordered the assembly members to pay the rest of the revenue by next week Wednesday, or face a stiffer action.

Meanwhile, Habib Mohammed, Planning Officer of the assembly, stated at a public forum at Shama on Thursday that the (toilet) revenue collection had been intensified in the district and that all defaulters, including business institutions and traders, would be dealt with.

Mr Mohammed said previously individuals were managing the toilets but the facilities were later handed over to the assembly members because of reported malpractices