Ghana Is In Danger – Kwaku Manu Warns

Kwaku Manu

Actor Kwaku Manu has cautioned Ghanaians to be prayerful and pray against spirits of death hovering around the country.
In a video posted on You Tube, the actor is heard saying, “We have to back Ghana up with prayers, we are not in a good state, if we are not prayerful this year anything can happened and it will be because of politics.

“What happened in Tafo and the murdering of the Member of Parliament at East Legon is an indication that we have to be careful. If a minister or Member of Parliament can be murdered in his own home even though he has security, how much more lay people like you and me?” he asked.

He ended the video by urging Ghanaians to be more patriotic, keeping in mind that “we have nowhere to go if anything happens to this country.”
“We are the hope of Africa, I mean when neighbouring countries have issues, they run to us for help and that should be an indication that if things don’t go well, we have nowhere to go,” he said.