Bunkprugu feud: Jamong family accuse police of bias

The Jamong Royal family of Bunkprugu have accused the Northern Regional Police Administration of bias in its efforts to  maintain peace in the conflict-prone town.

The Jamong family has been engaged in violent clashes with the Jafog family over a protracted chieftaincy dispute.

They have been laying claim to the Bunkpurugu skin, which now resides with the Jafog family.

The chieftaincy dispute between the two families, has been in court for almost a decade, and that has been accompanied with eruptions of violence over the period with several deaths and destruction of property.

According to the Jamong family, the Northern Regional Police PRO, ASP Ebenezer Tetteh in his commentary on the conflict always portrayed their family in a bad light.

They also accused him of not dealing seriously enough with the Jafog, who they have accused of constantly attacking them.

Speaking to journalists, the Spokesperson for the Jamong Group, Andrews Lomman, called on the IGP John Kudalor, to investigate their claims of bias against the Regional Police Administration to ensure that action is taken.

Are the Jamong family being singled out?

Whilst he admitted his family have played their part in instigating the conflict in times past, Mr. Lomman said this time around, the Jafog family are behind the attacks.

“No, I won’t stand here and say that Jamong family have never done anything. The point we are making is that, we have never attacked Jafog family once. That is the stark truth. They have always attacked us.”

He also questioned why the police never arrested any Jafog people following the several reported clashes which involved the two sides.

“Now if the police claim it is a clash between Jamong and Jafog, in a clash when you are coming to arrest, what do you do? You arrest both parties. The question is, why are they arresting Jamongs alone?”

Mr. Lomman also expressed frustration with the fact there are currently two Jamong boys on remand with the Tamale police despite the absence of any evidence against them.

“They never arrest Jafogs. As we speak, two boys have been remanded in Tamale. They have not been able to bring single evidence against them yet they are still there,” he lamented.

By Delali Adogla-Bessa/citifmonline.com/Ghana