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Woman Raped Just Hours After Giving Birth




An Indian woman has reportedly been raped hours after giving birth, while in an intensive care unit in a hospital near New Delhi.

The 23-year-old had suffered a traumatic birth, having been forced to eventually have her child delivered by caesarean section, and was recovering overnight when she claims she was attacked.

The alleged rapist was caught on CCTV as he entered the private hospital in Bahaduragarh, a city located on the outskirts of New Delhi, India.

The young woman had been placed in an ICU after welcoming her first child via c-section, in order to recover after the surgery.

CCTV shows her alleged attacker getting out of a car and walking in to the ICU at Brahm Shakti Sanjivani Hospital.

The security camera footage was filmed at around 3.30am, with the man reportedly gaining entry after telling a guard he was a doctor.


He is then seen walking around in the hospital, checking in on several patients, but no staff appear to question his presence or purpose in the ICU.

According to the victim, the man seen on the CCTV raped her in her hospital bed, and despite her screams no one came to her aid.

A relative of the woman who was allegedly assaulted says no one responded to her screams.

‘She is my nephew’s wife and she gave birth to a girl yesterday and was admitted to the hospital,’ a relative of the alleged victim told NDTV.

‘I was with her till late 9:45 pm and then left because the hospital staff said no one was allowed to stay the night in the ICU. There was nobody in the ICU when the man entered.

‘All the patients were sleeping. My daughter-in-law screamed but nobody came, neither any nurse nor any doctor.’

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