Tension in Chiana-Paga NDC over parliamentary primary holdup

There is seeming tension in the camp of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Chiana-Paga constituency of the Upper East Region over the Parliamentary primary’s holdup.

The constituency executives have warned that any further delays could lead to a possible clash between supporters of the incumbent Member of Parliament Abuga Pele and his  contenders.

Abuga Pele’s much awaited legal tussle in the GYEEDA scandal has necessitated suspension of the NDC’s Parliamentary primary in the Chiana-Paga constituency.

Some frustrated NDC youth there are calling for Abuga Pele’s replacement for the 2016 Parliamentary election.

But the Chiana-Paga constituency NDC executives have called their bluff and described them as “saboteurs.”

The constituency communications Director, Tuumyeridam Macdonald told Citi News that it will be politically suicidal to replace Abuga Pele for the November polls.

He has given the party’s national leadership one week ultimatum to conduct the Parliamentary primary.

Below is the full statement:


A press release making rounds in the media has been sighted by the constituency executives which came as a surprise because the election guide lines are very clear in an effort to avert candidates going public and soiling their colleague candidates in the media in order to gain advantage.

In fact, the pressure that is on the executive to help ascertain the veracity of this so call youth group who claim to emanate from the constituency is becoming uncontrollable and if care is not taken the counter may have far reaching repercussions on their patron-Rudolf Amenga Etego who is also a candidate.

In fact, going through the press statement of the so call youth group whose press release came as a big surprise to the existing youth groups of the constituency lacks substance and deep insight and we believe is the making of one of the candidates who has been threatened by the heavy presence of the incumbent MP in the constituency.

Otherwise, why this inconsequential press release? It is unfortunate to think that a mere allegation is enough to prevent one’s citizenship rights to contest election.

As constituency executive we think that the activities of David Amoliba and Thomas Jumah who are known campaign members of Rudolf Amenga- Etego are not helping the activities of the constituency and we think Rudolf who happened to be a candidate and a lawyer should know better. His campaign team members are rather causing more harm than good since he will need every one after the primaries if he emerges victorious.

More unfortunate is the fact that they tried as much as possible to knock Hon. Abuga Pele’s head and his followers in the constituency with that of the president when they cited an example the president used in the GYEEDA case as an example of fighting corruption as a reason to remove Hon. Abuga Pele from contesting which we think is preposterous and feeble in logic. Rudolf is a living testimony of how a divided front of a party can lead the party into opposition.

In 2008 when he Rudolf Amenga-Etego went into the parliamentary elections as an independent candidate we eventually lost the seat to the opposition until 2012 where the incumbent MP had to use his magnetic demeanor to capture the seat back from the opposition with a difference of 19000 votes.

We the party executive want to use this opportunity to call on Rudolf if he is not aware of the Press release by David Amoliba and Thomas Jumah and this will be surprising if he is not aware because the press statement is all over the media to give serious warning to his campaign team members for dragging the image of our esteem party into disrepute.

This is the second time the constituency executive through the communication directorate is coming out with warning on the activities of the same candidate and this should be the last of its kind because anything like that again the party executive would have no choice than to write for the reprimand of such a candidate per the elections guide lines.

It is for the peace of the constituency that is why the party has allowed certain things unattended including the filing issues for which one candidate could not file on time and thus Rudolf and so his camp should not be seen doing what they’re doing because when it comes to disqualification he should be the first because he went independent in 2008 and made us lose the seat, to make things worse he file a day after closed of filing and even at the regional level instead of the constituency office for which there is an example of an MP who delayed for just one hour and was not allowed to file.

In fact, what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander; however the constituency still kept mute for the peace and unity of the constituency.

As executive we believe that our work will be made difficult if there is a divided front after the primaries. It is our ultimate aim that we give equal opportunities to all so that after the primaries we all rally behind the winning candidate and the president for a successful 2016.

In conclusion, if an elder has no morsel of food to give to a child, he has a word of wisdom to groom him for his future.

So as the constituency executive we would like to inform all aspirants that if you feel that your opponent has a limitation you rather take it to the delegates and argue your case out than to engage in fomenting trouble through the media. Indeed, a good advice is the second mother to a child. We will however like to call on the national executive to expedite action on the running of the primaries since the undue delay is causing voter apathy, acrimony and undue advantage to the opposition.

As directed by the constituency Chairman and all executive we would like to take this opportunity to wish all vetted and cleared aspirants in the constituency the best of luck in the upcoming primaries to help transform Ghana and change lives and that we are ready to give them the needed support and advice should they seek for it. Thank you.


(Tuumyeridam Donald and on behave of all party executive)

By: Abdul Karim Naatogmah/citifmonline.com/Ghana