GES not to blame for ‘fake teachers’ – Aheto Tsegah

The Ghana Education Service (GES) says it cannot be blamed for teachers within the service using fake certificates in the country.

More than 400 teachers have been identified by the GES to be teaching with fake certificates.

But the Executive Director of Curriculum and Assessment of the GES, Aheto Tsegah on the Citi Breakfast Show insisted that the GES cannot be held responsible for the development, since most of certificates used by the teachers are provided by various colleges of education and only submitted to the GES for employment.

“We believe that it is the entry into the college that creates the beginning of the certificate problem and once they are able to pass out and they come into the system, some of these things begin to show up.What we do essentially is that once a teacher comes out with a diploma, the Ghana Education Service headquarters dimension do not do a search of your certificate because you have used that certificate to enter a college and all access within colleges are not fake they are real.

“If you come out with a certificate from there, we assume that it is the person that it is because we do not produce the certificates so if somebody comes into the system with such certificates, we are obligated to provide a job for that person.”

Mr. Tsegah however revealed that there are some internal mechanisms that the GES has deployed over the years to clamp down on the number of teachers using fake certificates in the country.

“I guess that over the years, we have used some of our internal mechanisms either through the system of promotion to identify that some people are using fake certificates. I remember when I was in the office I had the privilege of dismissing quite a number of people who have used fake certificates from the technical examinations unit to enter the system because we did just a simple cross checking of those certificates with the technical examinations unit and we discovered lots of certificates that were fake.

“It takes time to go through the system to resolve these challenges and once you identify them you have no choice than to get them out of the system.”

By: Marian Ansah/
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