‘Engage Facilities Management Experts’

Aba Asante Koranchie

Aba Asante-Koranchie, Facilities Manager, UT Properties

Aba Asante-Koranchie, Facilities Manager of UT Properties, has urged companies to engage the services of facilities management experts.

According to her, engaging facilities management professionals allows companies to focus on their core functions to ensure better turnaround time.

Ms Asante-Koranchie, who made the call while speaking to journalists in Accra said, “Though some companies are skeptical about engaging the services of facilities management professionals, the benefits from allowing trained professionals to handle all things not part of a company’s core business make it worthwhile.”

She said facilities management companies adhere to regulations, thereby reducing risks associated with legal, health or other activities that can negatively impact their clients.

Ms Asante-Koranchie said facilities management companies provide excellent advisory services and high level deliveries, adding that “they coordinate activities to ensure highest and best use for clients’ properties.”

She said the emergence of indigenous facilities management companies is a very positive development.


“It is an opportunity that allows for skills development and deployment, particularly for professionals within the built environment or industry.

“These include architects, land economists, estate managers, engineers, as well as our artisans. It is also positive as it shows that there is a concerted effort by Ghanaians to be a part of a growing global industry,” Ms Asante-Koranchie said.

She said the facilities management industry is growing tremendously.

However, she said the present market is relatively small with concentration in large cities.

UT Properties is poised to offer quality services at the most competitive pricing and turnaround times for firms looking to outsource or engage the company’s services.

UT Properties also offers diverse support services. It offers office and residential facilities management ranging from tenancy management, building and property audits, health and safety, preventive maintenance activities, advisory services, front desk services, hospitality services and office relocations, among others.

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By Cephas Larbi