Store patients’ data in cloud systems – Bisa App creator

The creator of the Bisa Health App, Raindolf Owusu, has suggested that hospitals start storing patients’ data in databases and cloud systems, instead of archaic files and folders.

Mr Owusu made this suggestion on Citi FM’s technology show, Citi Trends where he shared thoughts on the use of technology to solve some of the nation’s health difficulties and how the Bisa app could help in the process.

According to Mr Owusu, patient information should be kept in an easily accessible database that doctors can access to better understand the personal trend of patients’ illness.

“We have to boost our record keeping system. People are not supposed to be allowed to keep their own folders. Information should be kept in a database or a cloud somewhere so that doctors can access the information and understand your personal trend of illness. That is not available in most hospitals. Healthcare needs a lot of innovation and technology. If we can introduce them to our hospitals, it will be very important.”

Mr Owusu also advised that Africa should take a serious look at the electronic management of health information saying, “it can help predict the trends of illnesses, so that we don’t have to sit here in Africa and wait for CDC to predict meningitis or Ebola. Our doctors should be able to look at our data and predict it themselves.”

Raindolf Owusu’s Bisa App is a platform that allows people to ask doctors’ questions concerning their health.

According to him, the platform is safe as “all the responses the doctors give go straight to your email address.”

By: Jeffrey Owuraku Sarpong/
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