Man United have lost fear factor – Louis van Gaal admits

Louis van Gaal admits Manchester United have lost their fear factor.

United have endured a woeful campaign and are reeling from back-to-back defeats to Premier League strugglers Sunderland and Danish minnows FC Midtjylland.

They take on side Shrewsbury Town on Monday night in the FA Cup, and Van Gaal accepts the League One outfit are unlikely to be frightened by the prospect of taking on his team.

When asked ahead of the contest if teams do not fear United anymore, Van Gaal said: “When you see the last two games it is maybe like that.

“But then we have to make them fear again. It is a question of winning matches in a row.”

After the match at Shrewsbury, United host Midtjylland on Thursday in leg two of the European tie, then have a Premier League home clash against Arsenal three days later.

Winning all three fixtures – with the Europa League result sufficient to send them through – would be a major boost, some momentum having been built up again and the club remaining in the hunt for two trophies as well as a top-four finish.

But with talk having surged once more over the last few days of his tenure nearing an end and Jose Mourinho being set to replace him, a bad week results-wise will surely leave Van Gaal’s position looking precarious.

And the performance in Denmark on Thursday is likely to have only increased Shrewsbury’s belief they can make it another miserable night for United on Monday.

Van Gaal says he would welcome the League One side thinking, on the evidence of Thursday, that the task ahead may be easier for them than they had previously suspected.

“I hope so because then it’s a benefit for us,” he said.

The 64-year-old, who has a lengthy list of players unavailable for the tie, has emphasised the importance of his side being mentally prepared to raise their performance level significantly after the poor showing at Midtjylland, against opponents he feels could pose them similar problems.

He said: “You cannot continue with losing and the question is how we are lifting ourselves for this game because Shrewsbury shall also fight (like Midtjylland) for the second balls and play direct and that kind of thing, and you have to cope with that.

“You have to keep the ball better and not give unnecessary losses away.”

While stressing winning the Europa League is a more important target for United given the route it provides into next season’s Champions League, Van Gaal has also expressed his particular “personal wish” to win the FA Cup, given his CV already features a UEFA Cup triumph but no English trophy.

United have not lifted the FA Cup since 2004.

And when asked if they should be viewed among the favourites to win it this season, Van Gaal said: “It’s not a question of being a favourite.

“It is a question of you having to see every match as a match that you have to win.”

Source: Talksport