Actress Speaks On New Movie, s*xual Harassment In Nollywood

Actress and singer Oluwaseyi Ariyo has spoken on her new movie, the inspiration behind it and the incidence of Actors venturing into movie production. She also talked about facing s*xual harassment in her early stages in the movie industry.

In a recent exclusive with Punch, the actress also known as She Baby said the new movie is titled Aye Alaye.  It is a story of deceit, lies, struggle for survival and murder. She said the inspiration for the movie came from her experiences with people around her whose different peculiarities in life added up to create the idea of the movie.

She said: “I got the inspiration for the movie because I have met a lot of people in my life, each of whom had left me with the memory of their peculiarity, both negative and positive. The negative ones always have betrayal, deceit, inconsistency in common. I have come in contact with a whole lot of people like that and I feel I could pass a message to them through this production that there is more to life than being pretentious.”

In response to claims that Nollywood actors are delving into movie production owing to the low earnings from acting, she said: “Yes, it is one thing to be an actor and another thing to be a movie producer. Most actors learn production while learning to act. Production is a big deal. You have to understand what you are getting into generally from the beginning to the end; from pre-production, through production to post-production. So, combining acting with production is a lot of work.


If you have passion for your work, I don’t think money should come first in what you do. You will lose focus if it is all about money. If you have the passion for your work, even when it is not going to get you much money, you still find yourself glued to it. The thing with production is that you cannot produce more than two movies at most in a month, but you can feature in more than 10 movies in a month.” She Baby further added that her first movie appearance was in Abuja Lowo Wa, a film shot in 1999. She recalled being privileged to star in the movie with some notable names at the time.

She said: “The very first movie I appeared in was “Abuja lowo wa,” which was released in 1999. When I was called by a movie marketer to the production, I was really excited. I was so privileged to act alongside Antar Laniyan and Lepa Shandy. Actually, I was not paid a dime but I was fulfilled.” On marriage plans she refused to disclose any information. In response to s*xual harassment in Nollywood, the actress said she has had her share of the ordeal She however added that she politely turned down the advances from producers, saying that talent is what speaks for an entertainer beyond everything else. She said of s*xual harassment: “Of course.

That is not strange in the industry. It all depends on how you handle the situation. Many producers would want to sleep with you before they give you any role. But if you keep sleeping with everybody to get a role, for how long would you do that? Personally, I just found a way to decline such offers politely. Your talent is supposed to speak for you. If your talent is not enough, then sleeping around to get recognition would never solve the problem.” Oluwaseyi Ariyo is a Nigerian actress and singer.

In 2015, there were several speculations that her relationship with husband-to-be Adeyiwola Adetoye was unstable following her collaboration with Fuji singer Pasuma. But she swiftly denied having any relationship with the Fuji star nor having any issues in her personal rerlationship. She got the name She Baby from her mother years ago. She used to be called Sheyi Baby but it was shortened to She Baby, a nickname that has since stuck with her everywhere she goes.