Whatsapp Exposes Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

The schoolgirl accuser of footballer Adam Johnson said she found his messages to her ‘creepy’.

Prosecutors say the teenager performed oral sex on the ex-Sunderland player after the pair exchanged hundreds of messages online and via text.

Giving evidence today, the girl said of Johnson: ‘Someone texting a 15-year-old girl – they’re not completely normal.’

She added: ‘I thought that when I told him my age he would have backed off. Who just asks for a random fan’s number?’

Johnson is on trial for two counts of sexual activity with a child, which prosecutors say took place in the footballer’s Range Rover last January with the girl, who was then 15 years old.

The girl was also cross-examined today over messages she posted on social media about her meetings with the former Sunderland winger.

The player’s QC, Orlando Pownall, referred to one Snapchat message, which was later pasted onto Facebook, in which the girl stated: ‘He’s picking me up this week and I’m riding him.’

Speaking to court via a video-link, the teenager said: ‘I was trying to big myself up as any 15-year-old girl would.’
He messaged her on WhatsApp in late December 2014 and asked if she believed it was him.

Girl: Still not 100 per cent sure ha ha

Johnson: You sound a bit unsure lol x

Girl: I don’t know it’s just surreal ha ha

Johnson: Why?

Girl: Like you are my favourite footballer. You could update your Twitter saying Happy New Year and then I’d believe it’s you.

(He then sends the requested Tweet)

Girl: Ok I believe you.

Johnson: Lol

(He agrees to sign her club shirt and they chat about plans for New Year’s Eve)

Johnson: Where are you going out at?

Girl: …I’m not old enough to go out

Johnson: Yeah but you look old enough

Girl: No believe me when I say I’m 15

Johnson: Ages then lol

(Later they chat about the girl being shy and her ability to handle alcohol)

Girl: It seems like I’m the only one who can handle vodka

Johnson: Bet you are not shy with vodka

Girl: No not at all


(Later Johnson talks about their meeting)

Johnson: Thought I would get a proper thank you kiss for the shirt

Girl: Didn’t ask

Johnson: Well I can come back and get one

Girl: Why didn’t you ask us for the thank you kiss?

Johnson: I just didn’t think you would have wanted to

Girl: Wouldn’t have bothered me

Johnson: You are meant to want to kiss someone

Girl: Well I do want to absolutely

Johnson: Well we need to make it happen then

Girl: And we will then

(Later they continue)

Johnson: Am I only getting a kiss?

Girl: It depends on what else you are after

Johnson: Dunno depends on what you are up for. A little bit more than kissing.

(After their encounter)

Johnson: Think we had better go in the back next time

Girl: Yeah yeah

Johnson: That wasn’t convincing

Girl: Sorry my hands are freezing

Johnson: Was worth it though

Girl: Do you think?

Johnson: Do you not?

Girl: Yeah was checking that you did

Johnson: Yeah was class. Just wanted to get your jeans off.