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Monday, August 8, 2022

4 Strange Things That Affects Who You Are Attracted To




You do a million little things every day. Even though you don’t realize it, everything you do (or don’t do) isn’t just having an impact on who you are and what you will be—but it can also affect who you date. Here are seven run-of-the-mill things that you would never suspect can make or break your attraction to someone else.

1. The Internet

A study done at St. Andrews University found that women who spend a lot of time on the Internet find masculine men more attractive. The opposite was true for women with limited Internet access: They preferred more feminine-looking dudes. So bizarre.

2. The Pill

Research shows that taking hormonal birth control can skew our attraction to certain types of men. Other studies have found that women are also attracted to different features when they’re ovulating, so even not being on the Pill can have an impact.

3. Feeling Really Single

Research by the University of Toronto found that when we’re feeling like we could be lonely forever, we may lower our standards of who we find attractive. So even if you usually go for the best-looking one in the crowd, if things start looking sparse, our attraction to others may be stronger.

4. The People Around You

Keeping the same people in our close proximity—like your office cubicle mate—may force us into being attracted to people whom we wouldn’t normally fall for, according to previous studies. And honestly, it’s kind of easy to get yourself all hot and bothered about someone you see every single day.



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