Kingmakers Given Ultimatum


Harry Anthony Attipoe speaking during the workshop

THE GREATER Accra Regional House of Chiefs in Dodowa has given kingmakers of Teshie Traditional Area two weeks to present the names of their prospective chiefs to the house in order to resolve the chieftaincy dispute in the area.

Harry Anthony Attipoe, Registrar of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs gave the deadline during a workshop organized at Dodowa on Tuesday to educate people of Teshie on the installment and destoolment of chiefs.

The order came after the three member committee formed by the Accra House of Chiefs to look into the Teshie chieftaincy issue had completed its work with the findings ready to be forwarded to the National House of Chiefs at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region for approval.

But the Teshie kingmakers are yet to make the names of their eventual candidates known to the Regional House of Chiefs who have to forward them to the National House of Chiefs.

The kingmakers are expected to submit names of potential candidates for the positions of Paramount Chief, Mankralo and Dzasetse.

The registrar advised the kingmakers to always respect the installation and destoolment of chiefs as enshrined in Article 277 of the country’s constitution.


He charged the kingmakers not to allow themselves to be compromised by wealthy people who might influence them to install them as chiefs since that would go a long way to haunt them and their future generations.

The registrar further admonished the kingmakers to always ensure royals go through the right customary rites and legal requirements before being pronounced chiefs.

He echoed the legal procedures involved in the installation and destoolment of a chief and reminded them of the state’s endorsement of the chieftaincy institution hence the decision to give them legal protection.

Mr Attipoe counseled the kingmakers not to install strangers as chiefs with the excuse that the purported candidate is not ready since it could denigrate the institution and create problem for the community.

Emmanuel Adjei Annan, Council of State member advised the royal clans at Teshie Traditional Area to put aside their differences and unite for the betterment of the area.

 From Vincent Kubi, Dodowa