Drop Deputy NCCE boss from EC C’ttee – AFAG

Pro-opposition pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), is alleging that a third person on the Electoral Commission’s 18-member National Election Steering Committee set up to oversee the November election,  out to be withdrawn because he is a member of the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC).

So far, three people, namely Dr. Karl Marx Arhin of the National Service Secretariat (NSS), Joseph Whittal of CHRAJ and Francis Azumah of the National Peace Council, have been identified by another pro-opposition pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) as NDC members.

Consequently, Dr. Karl Marx Arhin of the NSS, has since been withdrawn from the committee after the NDC requested the NSS to withdraw him.

But AFAG is also alleging that the Deputy Commissioner of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Samuel Asare Akuamoah, who is also on the committee, is a known NDC activist.

Speaking to Citi News, the Chairman of AFAG, Dr. Ayew Afriyie, said the entire Committee should be dissolved.

He argued that “the committee itself is not necessary” because the Inter Party Advisory Committee [IPAC] has not been informed about their work.

Dr. Afriyie again stressed that they have enough evidence to prove that Samuel Asare Akuamoah is a member of the incumbent NDC, and called on him to challenge their claim.

Despite the brouhaha over the composition of the committee, the Electoral Commission has told Citi News, it will not dissolve the committee.

Below is the full statement from AFAG:


With the inclusion of Dr. K.M Arhin and other members of the EC’s steering committee who are either members or very sympathetic to the NDC, it is 100% suggestive that, the Electoral Commissioner (EC) is NDC’s “sweetheart”.

Fellow countrymen, it is so obvious that the EC cannot carry the courage of her own convictions. The EC looks helpless. Not a single decision has been taken by the EC to suggest she is a unifier and understand the expectations of stakeholders with respect to her office and what to do.

AFAG is shocked to note that, the EC has turned down countless proposals for the inter-party advisory committee (IPAC) to meet. Though the decisions of IPAC may not be binding, it is clear that their role has been rendered redundant by the EC.

AFAG regards the attitude of the EC as one “positively made evil”. It appears she did not earn her appointment on merit. As a result, she is so desperate to satisfy her pay masters in what looks like “the deal must be executed”

Fellow Ghanaians, an understanding of verbal cues points to the fact that, the EC   simply put, appears arrogant and full of herself. She has become defensive to any other stakeholder apart from the NDC. This looks involuntary because she has “the deal to protect”. Be it as it may, we doubt if the EC means well for Ghana.

Fellow Ghanaians, the EC has made nonsense of what is incremental policy. The IPAC was not consulted before the EC “NDC’s sweetheart”, decided to pack the bogus steering committee with largely NDC members and sympathizers. If this committee was a genuine one, why couldn’t she inform and discuss with members of IPAC.

Indeed, the EC “NDC’s sweetheart”, could have expanded the membership of IPAC with this so called persons and give a different name to it with an expanded mandate. Perhaps a mandate that can see to their unique advisory role for a successful election 2016.

We advise the EC to re-think her ways since she has become too predictable with her actions. A little reminder from the U.S institute of peace research work on post electoral violence in Africa, shows that; electoral violence are due to systemic and unresolved grievances which culminate prior, during and after elections.


AFAG is challenging the deputy NCCE boss Samuel Asare Akuamoah to come out to deny being an NDC member, and having been present and spoken as a member of the NDC at an NDC function. We are set to expose him completely before his pending USA trip. Indeed we expect him to stay for the show down and speak for himself.

It is our position that the EC must consult IPAC to come to a reasonable position on this matter of enormous public interest. Regardless, the EC must dissolve the highly unacceptable and bogus steering committee now!!!

God save Ghana

AFAG Leadership