Aviance Workers Angry With Management


Tension is mounting at Aviance Ghana Limited, as workers and management of the company are currently in a deadlock over the conditions of service of staff.

Staff of the company expressed their grievances over the poor service conditions to the media on Tuesday in Accra.

According to them, management of Aviance Ghana Limited, dominated by whites, had adopted “communist inferior tactics to cheat and worsen the present bad situation of poor workers.”

They said management, headed by the Managing Director, Paul Craig had “written a wicked letter to our unions that workers’ retirement benefits which have been agreed with management must be reduced with immediate effect.”

“Mr. Craig’s explanation is that the company has lost one of its many customers and this has affected the income of the company,” concerned workers of Aviance said in a statement.

They explained that the Managing Director “had insisted that his new retirement directive for workers which comes into immediate effect must be one and half months average salary times the number of years worked but the number of years worked must be capped at 36 months.”

According to them, “This means that if you worked for 30 years he will pay you 36 months instead of 45 months.”


The angry workers added that “to add insult to injury, he will not use your last salary to calculate but your average working salary. The net effect is you will go home with half of the money you would have gotten using what is in the Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA), this is very ridiculous, wicked and inhuman.”

The workers wanted to know from management whether the conditions of service would be improved should the company get new business or airlines.

The Ghanaian workers claimed they were being shortchanged by their white employers, adding that they would embark on a sit-down strike action if the situation does not improve.

“The Managing Director is saying he does not understand why a black worker should go home with any retirement benefit.”

Toothless Bulldogs

“We wish the whole world knows that the white managers and the Managing Director have turned themselves into mafias and have made the Ghana managers toothless bull dogs who can’t even assist their fellow workers.”

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By Melvin Tarlue