Trigmatic details beef with C-Real

Entertainment of Monday, 15 February 2016




Trimagtic was on the The Late Celebrity Show to talk music, his new single Stonebwoy featuredGbedu and how he fell out with fellow rapper C Real.Talking to Eddy Blay Jnr on eTV, the Wo Sika Ntirapper detailing what pricked C Real to throw jabs at him, Trigmatic said;

“When you are left out, you get bitter and when you are not strong minded, you will get bitter.

That was a clear evidence of weakness for me because I started with so many people. Edem, I was walking to the studio with him. We were all broke.

I started with him but it got to a point, Edem was big. It got to a point when he had to pick me from Winneba because I had gone to hustle for a show, I played the show for free and I didn’t know how to get back to Accra and he came through to pick me up.

There was a never a time I felt like Edem had gone ahead of me so let me call him out. And the Edem I know isn’t doing what he used to do as an artist.

He is growing, I looked at him and I felt I needed to push myself and I think that’s what he [C Real] needs to do. Rather than just sit there and say I had one hit, at least I had one, he doesn’t have even one. “

Asked about his definition for one-hit-wonders, Trigmatic added;

“I don’t think there is anything like that. People will like to put it that way because they feel you flopped after one joint and that’s it.

But the funny thing is that I put out four songs and it was hitting for three years and then I released my album and got awards for it. My second album, I had same number of nominations and same number of awards.

And I started releasing singles I didn’t put on the album and it started winning awards. The thing is, I changed my sound a bit and my audience changed a bit.

Now I do more of the +233 venues, live band music and stuff like that. My last award was last year which was record of the year so I’m not doing too bad and the money is coming. “