Ronaldo Promotes Underwear

Cristiano Ronaldo underwear1

It is not often that Cristiano Ronaldo changes the white of Real Madrid for something else but on Thursday he revealed his true colours to promote his CR7 underwear line.

Followers of Ronaldo’s Instagram account got a glimpse of the Real star on Thursday when he posted a photo of himself splattered in paint.

The post’s caption read: ‘Such a fun day shooting my Colour Splash campaign for @CR7underwear #CR7underwear.’

The photoshoot was designed to further promote his latest underwear range which he launched last year though he probably should have given it a bit more thought before getting his white briefs covered in paint.

And although there’s been no indication of Ronaldo moving to Manchester City, a large amount of Sky Blue paint does feature quite prominently on the star’s chest.

City fans probably wouldn’t have a problem being linked to the best player in the world, that’s what his current manager Zinedine Zidane thinks at least.


Ronaldo has won the Ballon d’Or twice, but was beaten to the 2015 crown by fourth-time winner Lionel Messi.

But that hasn’t stopped Zidane claiming that Ronaldo is a better, more rounded footballer than Messi.

Zidane, who is a three-time winner of FIFA’s World Player of the Year, told Record, the Mexican newspaper: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo is the best.’

‘People can say what they like about Cristiano Ronaldo, but in his heart he’s a good person. Messi is the rival and that rivalry is great for the footballing spectacle, it’s what the fans want to see.’

Ronaldo will back in action on Saturday as Real take on Athletic Bilbao in La Liga.