Face me without drugs or alcohol – Sonnie Badu dares

Entertainment of Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Source: Enterghana.com


Sonnie Badu BlueSonnie Badu

Days after announcing his good intent to support secular turned Gospel musician and preacher of the word, Yaw Siki, UK based Ghanaian singer and author Sonnie Badu intends to (one day) throw a challenge to secular musicians to face him in a live performance

According to the musician, some of the secular artists depended heavily on drugs and alcohol to boost them up to perform in front of huge crowds whilst he relied solely on the Holy Ghost to minister.

The import of the challenge, therefore, is to find out who does it better, the Holy Spirit or alcohol and/or drugs?

The challenge is however, dependent on one condition and that is none of the secular artists will be allowed to use drugs and/or alcohol.

Sonnie Badu who believes he will beat such competition states “if we make the impact on that day, the deal will be they will give their lives to Christ”.

Although he shared this message via Instagram, the Minister again states his post is a joke.

See his post below: