Ask your god why he made you an 'idiot' – Sister Deborah tells fan

Entertainment of Tuesday, 16 February 2016



Sister Debby IdiotSister Deborah

Whichever way you will take this, some fans simply cannot get the nature of how microblogging site Twitter works.

Saint Valentine’s Day has evolved over the centuries though its overriding significance remains intact. Originally, it is a day of love. A day when legitimate couples and loved ones go on unusual dates just to have real fun, all in the name of affection. A day dedicated to exquisite intimacy for love-bound meditation and discussion between partners.

It’s one of the few overrated occasions where red and white colours are abused all in the name of showing love.

While others didn’t do much, Sister Deborah, the “Uncle Obama” hitmaker posted series of photos to thank her fans for supporting her art so far on her social media fan pages.

It wasn’t much as some fans expected but the best any celebrity can do compared to those who couldn’t even say ‘Thank you.’

What really went wrong here? Maybe Sister Derby could have at least taken the love session to ignore the whole godly message diss but she couldn’t.

After retweeting a photo posted by @Mistahsix4 which reads “While some men of God buy private jets for themselves…Manny Pacquiao just gave out 1000 homes for free…” a fan who got the whole Twitter-retweeting thing wrong went ahead to question Sister Derby in a cold manner

See the tweets below: