Tafo Zongo Youth Chief Warns Troublemakers

zongo chief

Abu Mamuda, the Tafo Zongo Youth Chief, addressing the crowd in the Mosque

SARIKI SAMARI of Tafo Zongo, Abu Mamuda aka ‘Abusco’ has strongly warned the Zongo youth at Tafo to stop fighting natives of the area.

According to him, the destruction of property, injuries to people and loss of human life, which occurred in the community, is not necessary.

He stated that the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Usman Sharubutu, who commands a lot of respect in the country, had intervened to ensure peace.

Abusco therefore entreated the Zongo youth to show respect to the National Chief Imam by adopting peace and stop the violent attacks.

He was speaking at the Tafo Central Mosque on Friday after the Chief Imam had led the Muslims in the area in prayers on Friday.

Abusco, on behalf of the Zongo youth, apologized to the Tafohene, who was allegedly attacked by the angry Zongo youth of the area.

He said the Tafohene is the father of the Zongo youth so he appealed to the chief to forgive and forget “and continue to see the Zongo youth as his children.”


According to him, the Zongo youth had been thoroughly talked to and warned not to take the law into their hands any longer “so the Tafohene should accept the apology.”

Abusco sternly cautioned the Zongo youth to respect the laws of the country and desist from attacking residents of the area, saying “we shall not beg for you again.”

He stated that the law would deal ruthlessly with any Zongo youth who would try to breach it, charging, “respect the chief imam and be law abiding.”

The Tafo Zongo Youth Chief appealed to President Mahama to compensate people whose vehicles, houses and other items were destroyed during the riot.

Abusco also urged government to compensate the family whose son was killed during the riot to help promote peace and unity in the area.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi