Shatta Wale’s wife lists 5 reasons why she loves him

Entertainment of Sunday, 14 February 2016



Shattawale SonShatta Wale and his wife

Contrary to what most people perceive of him,it seems Shatta Wale is not so much of the Kakai as his wife shares to the world top five things she loves about the dancehall supremo on this day that we celebrate love around the world.

The dancehall commando hitmaker shared on his Facebook page 5 things his wife loves about him and expressed so much joy for what he received from the queen of his heart Michelle Diamond (Shatta Queen)mother of Majesty his son.

5 Reasons why I love SHATTA WALE

1.he’s a loving father, trust me he’s last to rock the baby to sleep & first to kiss him in the morning …

2.he’s super funny, hilarious, you’ll go crazy with laughter

3.highly versatile at home – he’s overprotective daddy to me sometimes, loving hubby almost always, & my motivation all day everyday.

4.hardworking -constantly recording and being creative. There’s always something new to listen to,no room for boredom

5.good looking – do u even know what those lips can do?

There’s a million things I love about You, I thought to just let the world know just how wonderful u are. Happy Valentine’s Day baby from Majesty & Mum???? & hey guys check out my lovely 24 karat necklace#valsdaygift thanks boo Charles Nii Armah Mensah

We captured screenshots of what he shared and we will like to enjoy the love they shared on this Valentine’s day with you.