#JournoshopII; my latest date [Article]

The day after the Night of Bliss was definitely a blissful day for me and some other fortunate individuals as we gained knowledge on using data to tell our stories graphically as professional journalists or communicators.

On 6th February, 2016, a moment after the famous Night of Bliss by the renowned pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, held at the Black Star Square, I benefitted from a workshop put together by iJourno Africa by the name #JournoshopII. This took place at the premises of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).

I can confidently hit my chest and boast that I have gained an invaluable information which makes me higher than most of my colleagues in the same class based on the volume of information and skills I gained during the session.

With the #JournoshopII, we were enlightened on how to use data representation to report issues in a more graphical way.

The resource persons really inspired me.

First was Bernardino Avle, host of the Citi Breakfast Show on Citi FM 97.3. He is an astute broadcaster, very knowledgeable and a deep thinker.


Bernard Avle

He took up the mantle to give us more light on what data was and how it can be processed into information.

One thing Bernard mentioned which continues to linger in my mind is that data is used to generate information and that information is used to provide knowledge, even as knowledge gives insight into things.

I don’t want to forget this particular statement that between data and information, we seek relations, between information and knowledge, we seek patterns and finally between knowledge and insights, we seek to find out the causality.

Bernard kept me specifically on my feet for the other two forthcoming speakers at the profession-changing event.

Carolyn Thompson of Canada also reached us through the Skype as she threw more light on how data and in some cases information can be gathered for this form of journalism.

Carolyn hinted on how to view and fish out for the information needed.

Time with Sandister Tei

Sandister Tei, a multimedia journalist at Citi FM crowned it all with a nicely packaged infographic session which was very educative and empowering.

It was a very interesting time with Sandister. In a couple of minutes I learnt that graphic designing was vital in the field of journalism.

I believe that I have gained invaluable information, skill, and above all power to take on the this country, continent, and generation.

Of course, without constant practice of the skill attained, it will vanish into  thin air and everything will be a waste.

If I hadn’t been at this second edition of Journoshop, I would have deprived myself of a greater opportunity.

I can’t wait to be part of the third edition of Journoshop, which I believe will be more explosive.

#JournoshopII was organized by iJourno Africa, an entity founded by Nana Boakye Yiadom of Citi FM, an award winning Journalist.

Thanks to God for this experience and God bless all those who made #JournoshopII a success.

Below is a sample of work by participants:


By: Kofi Satsi/Ijourno/Ghana