Evidence for Techiman City's demotion

Soccer News of Monday, 15 February 2016

Source: sportscrusader.com


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The GFA Ethics Committee has found Techiman City FC and Wa African United guilty of bribery and match fixing after investigations into their Match day 22 game played at the Damongo Park.


1. The viva voca evidence obtained from both the Team Manager and the Coach of WA Africa United FC suggest a couple of telephone communication between Nana Kwabena Gyamerah Yiakwan ll, CEO of WA Africa United FC and Charles Kwadwo Ntim, President of Techiman City FC prior to the match that was allegedly agreed to be fixed.

2. It was confirmed by the Team Manager and the Coach of WA Africa united FC that there was exchange of money between the agent of Techiman City FC, Yaw Adamu Acheampong and themselves. The money was intended to influence the match in favour of Techiman City FC.

3. Contrary to earlier views held that the agent of Techiman City FC was the Team Manager, documents available revealed that the said agent, Yaw Adamu Acheampong was actually an official of the Club but not in the capacity as the Team Manager. This is evidenced by his name appearing on Referees Official list that was electronically generated and the Team Sheet presented and signed by the Team Manager and Captain of Techiman City FC itself.

4. The statement by the complainants vis-à-vis the posture of the Respondent at all material times during the sittings, leaves the committee in no doubt that this was a match of convenience agreed on by the two parties.

5. That instead of giving evidence to defend itself and debunk the allegations of bribery and match fixing made by WA Africa United FC, Techiman City FC has since the commencement of the hearing de novo resorted to technicalities/legalities to derail the course of collecting evidence from them.

6. The Committee observed and came to the conclusion that the conduct of both the Spokesperson/Advisor to Techiman City FC and its President was not acceptable as they disrupted the hearing on a number of occasions yelling at the slightest opportunity at the complainants.

7. The Committee also considered the documents used by the Disciplinary Committee in its ruling in Techiman City’s protest after the said match. This included an electronically generated Referee’s report which had Yaw Adamu Acheampong included as an official of Techiman City FC. The Committee took notice of the fact that at the time the Disciplinary Committee used the referee’s report in its ruling, the Ethics Committee process had not begun and actually Wa African United had not presented its complaints at that time. A referee’s Match Report is supposed to reach the GFA within 48 hours after a match. It is an official document, hence the Ethics Committee relied on it in its findings.

Techiman City have refused to accept the Felix Anyinsan committee’s ruling contradicting Wa Africa United who have accepted their fate.