2 KNUST students in hospital following alleged clashes

Authorities of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have denied reports of violent clashes between two rival halls on the school’s campus.

Two students received knife wounds earlier this week in separate incidents.

One student was cut in the palm by an assailant, believed to be a student, while the other student was attacked and stabbed three times in the back by multiple assailants.

Some reports indicated that the two students were hurt during a confrontation between members of Unity and Katanga halls, which also resulted in 20 others sustaining varying injuries ahead of Unity Hall’s hall week celebrations.

But the Deputy Registrar of University Relations Office at KNUST, Vincent Ankamah Lomotey, has downplayed reports of clashes between the two halls.

Addressing the media, Mr. Lomotey confirmed that the two students were indeed injured in separate incidents but denied that there was a clash between students of Kantanga Hall and Unity Hall.

“What you heard was the truth but it really wasn’t a clash between two halls. On Monday at dawn, one student who was coming from the SRC hostel went towards Unity Hall and was cut by another student, so he had a cut in his palm and he couldn’t identify the attackers but the security is investigating,” he explained.

“… getting to 12 midnight, another student who is affiliated to Unity Hall went around the Great Hall claiming that he had a programme there and misplaced his phone, and so he went round to see if he could find the phone and he was attacked by some students.”

The Deputy Registrar noted that the cases have been referred to the police and security on campus has been increased with military patrols.

 “… we do acknowledge that we need to beef up our security and if you come out after 10 pm and you go round the campus, you are likely to come round and see security patrols; that is military patrols together with campus security personnel.”

He said the two victims are receiving treatment and are in a stable condition.

“Well; they are virtually fine and they are very stable. The one who had a cut in the palm is not as serious as the one who had a stab at his back; but he is also very stable.”

By Delali Adogla-Bessa/citifmonline.com/Ghana